1. itscolossal:

    Our Changing Seas IIICourtney Mattison. Glazed stoneware and porcelain. 

    (via onyx-veins)


  2. sirinthada:

    Sue Ding is an awesome documentary producer, and I was honored beyond belief to be a part of this (watch me in action, painting)! A huge thanks to Sue, and also Steve Thompson, and Collin Blendell for sound.

    And of course, the biggest thanks go to all of YOU, for bringing IStoleThisFromYou.com to life!


  3. sirinthada:

    Gouache and ink on paper, 8”x10”. Also available as a print.



  5. Presente mega fofo que o @akiramiyake me deu: uma fotinho da Instax mini :}




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